Keto Experiment – Lose 50 lbs in 150 days

I was on Keto for ~5 months, that was 2 years ago, but since then I’ve stopped and gained more weight than before. I’m committing myself to 150 days starting today to get to my ideal weight. My maximum healthy weight based on calculators is 76kg (167lbs), current weight 98kg (216lbs) so that means I’ll need to lose 22KG or ~50lbs!

I’ve been able to lose 1kg /week (2.2lbs) before, so that’s what I’m aiming for again which would mean I’d achieve my goal in 150 days or roughly 5 months, by Thursday March 25, 2021.

Don’t blame the butter.

For what the bread did !

Posting it here to motivate myself and try to hold myself accountable to log everything and stick to it. I’ll track, measure document everything along the way.

For those not familiar with this diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll eat alot less, in fact it just requires being more mindful of what one eats and also requires more preparation going into meals. When you are conscious of what you eat, you’ll notice all the unhealthy “foods” you are consuming and putting into your body. I’ll try to share a weekly update to this for myself and for anyone else that wants to follow along the journey or has questions.


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  1. Kash! I’m psyched to have found your post. I set up a similar goal for myself (go from 170 lbs. to 130: -40 lbs to lose) and I just started as well. My goal date is also in March 2021. Will definitely be following up on your progress… Keep Calm and Keto On 💪🏼

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