10 Days of Dining Experiences at Unbeatable Prices for China Restaurant Week

When I was still in Montreal, we use to have an annual restaurant week that allowed great restaurants to show off their latest creations to new customers and allowed diners to experience new restaurants that they’ve been meaning to check off their lists, or often never even heard of before.

I was thoroughly enthused when I learned that China had a similar restaurant week (10 days to be precise) organized by Dining City. The deal is each restaurant will setup their own The reservations started just yesterday but already a lot of popular spots were sold out without a few hours. I still managed to snag four reservations to restaurants that peeked my curiosity. Although I have to admit one of these choices was a spur of the moment decision so I may re-evaluate those choices this weekend.

The restaurants I picked were:
Saffron – Modern Indian Cuisine / Saffron – 经典现代印度菜肴.
RED SQUARE Russian Restaurant 红场俄式西餐酒吧.
Maggie’s Restaurant.
Maison de L’hui at Rock Bund 慧公馆.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any other recommendations then I’d love to hear em’!  Oh and of course you can expect some restaurant reviews in the coming weeks now.


The Waibaidu Bridge – A Longstanding Heritage to Old Shanghai

The Famous WaiBaidu Bridge
The Famous WaiBaidu Bridge

When in Shanghai, one must check out the  Waibaidu Bridge ( 外白渡桥) at the foot of the Suzhou Creek. This bridge, also referred to as the Garden Bridge in Shanghai, is not only the first all-steel bridge in China but also the oldest surviving bridge of its kind.

With its location adjacent to the bund, it’s only a short stroll away from the famous Harbour which is surely on every travelers to do list in Shanghai and makes a very convenient starting or culmination point .

Of course like most everything else in Shanghai, this bridge has had a bit of facelift back in 1908 when it was reopened to the public and designed the city’s landmark bridge. However, in the incessantly fast paced changes to Shanghai’s skyline, the Waibaidu Bridge still remains a popular attraction and a true window to it’s past.

Waibaidu Bridge
A very popular place to take pictures
Waibaidu Bridge Sign
Waibaidu Bridge Sign – When it was reopened in 1908

TheAsiaExpat_Waibaidu-Bridge2 TheAsiaExpat_Waibaidu-Bridge