Microsoft identifies four new customer personas for markets to focus on in 20202

One of the most important aspects of creating effective Ads is segmenting your audience and targeting the people who will see them, this is also known as building customer personas. Microsoft Advertising studied web surfing activity and identified evolving attitudes and behaviors using first-party data and advanced analytics. They identified four key personas for this post lockdown world with ever changing consumer behavior, privacy expectations and brand preferences. These four new groups are driving change: luxury shoppers, digital nomads, empowered activists, and self-care fanatics.

Taiwan: Settling In

First Impressions: As my plane landed at TPE airport in Taoyuan, I was excited at the possibilities that awaited me here in Taiwan. I was greeted outside the arrivals by a pre-arranged pickup, and to my surprise he drove a black Saloon; a current model Camry if I recall correctly. I was a little surprised... Continue Reading →

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