Microsoft identifies four new customer personas for markets to focus on in 20202

One of the most important aspects of creating effective Ads is segmenting your audience and targeting the people who will see them, this is also known as building customer personas. Microsoft Advertising studied web surfing activity and identified evolving attitudes and behaviors using first-party data and advanced analytics. They identified four key personas for this post lockdown world with ever changing consumer behavior, privacy expectations and brand preferences.

These four new groups are driving change: luxury shoppers, digital nomads, empowered activists, and self-care fanatics.

The user behavior for these four groups in particular has had a pronounced change over the last 18 months. Overnight, luxury shoppers’ choices moved from in-store to nearly totally online. Also, as people were liberated from their desks, a new kind of traveler emerged: the digital nomad.

1) Luxury Shoppers

According to Microsoft, luxury customers shop predominantly in physical stores, but this has since changed. The data shows that when many brick-and-mortar establishments were shuttered at the outset of the epidemic, online luxury customers increased in number.

This shopper, who values quality above quantity and a personalized shopping experience in-store or online, is someone I can relate to. This shopper undertakes thorough research utilizing different searches and search engines to identify brands that fit their needs.

Close your eyes and see a workspace. Perhaps you noticed a room with cubicles, an open plan area, or a co-working space. Perhaps you saw a tropical paradise and a laptop and decided to join the rising global ranks of digital nomads.

Monstera on

2) Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are professionals who prefer to work in location-independent roles while also travelling around the world rather than settling down permanently in one place. And there are a lot of aspiring travelers: according to a jobs survey 85 percent of millennials want to telecommute (or work remotely) 100 percent of the time and anecdotally countless LinkedIn polls seems to suggest the same.

Travel products, transit, housing, grocery and dining, and entertainment may be found in their daily search history. They are a viable target for various sectors and business types due to their use of mobile devices, moving locations, and diverse search keywords.

Digital Nomads, work and live anywhere. Andrea Piacquadio on

3) Empowered Activist

The empowered activist casts their vote with their cash, buying solely from companies that share their ideas, such as eco-friendly, minority-focused, and small-business companies. This customer is likely to look for businesses that share their environmental concerns, politics, and social issues.

Eternal Happiness

4) Self-care Enthusiast

During the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the self-care enthusiast appeared. This consumer places a premium on spending time with loved ones and focusing on mental and physical well-being. This hybrid work-life reality frequently seeks out new diet suggestions, exercise ideas, and strategies to balance work, school, life, and leisure activities.

Main data source: Microsoft Advertising Blog


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