Adrift in Tokyo (Edo)

The first post in my Blog will be about the First night in Tokyo – without a doubt one that wont soon be forgotten.

Tokyo subway map

Now this must be a first, but the flight really arrived 30 minutes  earlier than scheduled ! I knew the Japanese were efficient, and as they say if your early, you are on time and if you are on time then you are late. Or maybe everything is just reversed in Japan, like how the whole world goes through inflation but the Japanese economy (and prices) exhibit deflation.  Or perhaps its that one needs the additional 30 minutes just to figure the Tokyo transportation map and how one should head to where  needed. So after getting acquainted to the map, I made my way to the City from Narita Airport. Glance over at the map on the right hand side and you’ll understand.

However in the wake of getting into Tokyo and to my first picked area Shibuya which is plainly where all the adolescents hang out. I was expecting to see all the Japanese youth dressed up as their manga characters, but apparently that is more of a Sundays thing, so i’ll return then 🙂

Tokyo Internet Cafe cubicle

The one great thing that did come of this is that I did uncover a 24 hour internet and Karaoke establishment that offered extremely sensible rates for an overnight stay, it was really just what I needed/expected: private cubicle and your own PC (Quad-core processor and kick ass specs… unfortunately the OS was in Japanese :S but what do you expect? ) with extremely rapid web access. I’ll post an improved quality pic up when I get the chance, but here’s a pic that I took with my phone for now.

On that note, i’m really wiped right now so I’m going to catch some Asian Zzzzz’s however I’ll  leave you with a couple of additional pics that I took while walking around.

Shibuya is like Time Square on crack, it extends a hella’ far and offer some great views.

Pic on right :Am i simply seeing things, or is that a Fido sign, but backwards and  advertising a real-estate agent?

Backwards Fido Sign Shibuya Intersection


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