Thailand: Land of smiles

Thailand: Land of smiles; cheap food and crazy tuk-tuks After my excited time in Tokyo, and about 51/2 hour flight I was now at the very sweet looking Suvarnabhumi Airport and its about midnight. After dodging the sketchy taxi services and 'limousines' offering their services (these are everywhere in Thailand btw, so if you're there... Continue Reading →

Akihabara: Welcome home master

My favorite part of Tokyo has to Akihabara, its a destination not to be missed by anyone thats wants to experience modern day Japan in all its glory. The trip starts right at the Akihabara station, where you come out to Akiba City; a glorious monstrosity on 6 floors with everything electronic you can think... Continue Reading →

Adrift in Tokyo (Edo)

The first post in my Blog will be about the First night in Tokyo - without a doubt one that wont soon be forgotten. Now this must be a first, but the flight really arrived 30 minutes ¬†earlier than scheduled ! I knew the Japanese were efficient, and as they say if your early, you... Continue Reading →

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